Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Triple the Pleasure, Triple the Fun!

Last night, we accompanied Jessica & Matt to the glory that is the Cheap Trick, Heart and Journey concert. By far, the best people-watching I've seen in a long time! A middle-aged couple spent the entire show grinding against one another, with some pretty blatant PDAs. *Shudder* Although, at one point, a woman leapt the seats to just the row just behind Mr. and Mrs. Repulsive and started mocking their dance moves to the delight of our section. Later, in the parking lot, we encountered a rather intoxicated young man that approached every car he came in contact with and screamed at it's passengers the complete AWESOMENESS of the show. I believe he even stated that the show had changed his life. We imitated him for the remainder of the evening: "This rock is AWESOME!", "I think I stubbed my toe, AWESOME!", "I should have peed before we left...AWESOME!"

The concert started immediately at 7:00. Never before have I witnessed such a prompt appearance! Cheap Trick kicked off their set while we waited in line for the restrooms. They did play the only 2 songs I know: I Want You to Want Me, which caused the soccer moms directly in front of us to swoon; and Surrender.

Heart stormed the stage next and may I just say that Ann Wilson can still hit those high notes with such power! They entertained us with These Dreams, Barracuda, Magic Man and closed with Crazy On You. An amazing performance!

And then came Journey, equipped with new front man, Arnel Pineda. His vocals rivalled Steve Perry's studio performances. Seriously, I closed my eyes and swore I was listening to a Greatest Hits album. Which I did nearly half the time anyway, since Arnel does this weird thing with his eyes that creeps me out. The highlight was, of course, Don't Stop Believin! But a close second was Open Arms. The entire venue mimicked the same hand gestures through the chorus. Hi-larious!

All in all, a good night. Plenty of tasty margaritas, good company, all blended with a phenomenal soundtrack.

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